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I'm a developer, instructor, and speaker.

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As a self-taught developer, I attribute a lot of what I know today to the video courses I watched early on. All of my courses are broken up into small modular lessons, designed to get right to the point.

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Join me and many of your fellow developers as I do live remote workshops. All workshops include hands on exercises with answers, live Q&A, and example repositories to follow along with.

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Live on Twitch

I'll be live coding with some of your favorite developers, thought leaders, and inspirational individuals. Click on the button below to check out the upcoming schedule.


Why you should learn SQL instead of just using an ORM

Preface I previously worked on an analytics team where we managed hundreds of millions of rows of data. I never actually did add everything up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the total over a billion rows. We put everything in PostgresSQL and wrote all of our queries out ourselves. I have…

Authenticate Gatsby with Auth0

Let’s talk about Gatsby. What’s not to love am I right? My personal site is built with Gatsby and its great! With the announcement of Gatsby recipes, there’s even more to love. I recently went live on twitch and created an egghead video about how to add Auth0 into essentially any Gatsby website pain…

Async data made simple with React Query

I recently had the chance to chat with Tanner Linsley about react-query. A library of custom hooks that solves async data fetching and caching within React apps. We added react-query to a simple blog post React app. The initial page of the app showed all of the posts from an API we previously setup…

Self taught to fullstack

I've come a long way in what seems like not that long ago. It all started for me when I was attending college for a business degree and then heard the word "code". From then on out, I've never looked back and put everything into becoming a developer. This is how I came to be where I am today.

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